From Shore To Shore Album

Album: From shore to shore

Expected release in October 2017. Features performances by Kak Channthy (Cambodia Space Project, Channthy Cha Cha), Marianna Hensley (The Hensley Trio), Conrad Keely (Trail of Dead) and many others. A collection of songs largely covering the songwriting years 2007 to 2014.

  1. Toothpaste and gin
  2. The Love Bank
  3. River
  4. Guernsey Girl
  5. Doing what needs to be done
  6. Stuck inside of Phnom Penh with the Memphis Blues Again (It’s not the Mississippi, it’s the Mekong)
  7. Phnom Penh Driving School
  8. Who is the greater fool
  9. Gambling heart
  10. Better man
  11. The Long Division
  12. Lost along the way
  13. In my dreams

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